Seven Nines & Tens receive a nomination for the inaugural Whammy awards.

The rad folks over at Apocalypse Sunrise productions have taken a giant step toward community solidarity by putting on an awards show Friday February 12th at the Wise hall.  If you consider that 5% of the music listening population in Vancouver knows the music of Seven Nines & Tens, we are just as surprised as you are that we made it to the top four for best “Avant Garde” band.  Please vote for us so we can scold the audience for not knowing who we are when we win.   Also, our guitarist Ross Albrecht made it to the top 4 for “Best Guitarist”,  so please vote for him.  If you consider that I scouted that kid for over a year before I asked him to join the band because he really is “that good” then that nomination makes sense and we hope he wins.


Voting For Whammys



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