Summer 2016 shows, album cover…

We have much to discuss here.  We were lucky enough to get added to the Levitation fest opening night show @ the Rickshaw with Sumac and Russian Circles.  The show is Thursday June 16th.


Facebook event for Levitation Launch Party w/Russian Circles/Sumac/Seven Nines & Tens

Also, we are happy to announce we have signed to American label Dullest Records.  They have been around for 5 years and have put out records by artists we love including Hush., Walk Through Fire, and Rorcal.  We will have the release date for the record ASAP but in the meantime check out the album cover for “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Slums” by Nic Brown.

Album Cover

Check out our new label DULLEST RECORDS here:

We can’t forget two other shows we are playing this summer:  TACOFEST and Bosse De Nage!



Finally, the 2nd single from our new album is debuting on Friday May 13 to coincide with the Bosse De Nage show.  The track is called “Metropolis Noir/Rigs”

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