Our LONG awaited 2nd album “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Slums” has FINALLY arrived.  It was a real ordeal getting this record finished.  I’ll save that story for another time.  Thanks to Danny Katz and Dullest Records for having confidence in our music and for releasing the album.  We debuted the album in compact disc format at our performance at the 2nd annual Levitation Festival in our home of Vancouver on Thursday June 16th.  Speaking of, that show was phenomenal.  Our set went off flawlessly and Baptists in particular seemed to be hellbent on crushing the stage.  We won’t soon forget that night.


There were some interesting media pieces floating around this week that mentioned us.  Local blog D0604 included the first track of our first album in their weekly playlist.  This is what they had to say about our tune “Thermocapsulary Dehousing Assister”:  “Epic. Think “300” level, “the fate of the world hangs in the balance” level of epicness.”  Thanks gang.  See the playlist in full here:

Vancouver Is Awesome Weekly Playlist

Speaking of our set at Levitation.  Here is a show review for said performance.  Keep it “Frosty” friends:

Vancouver Weekly Levitation Festival Launch Party Show Review

In closing, here is the first review that has surfaced regarding our new record.  This quote is oddly appropriate and could summarize the 4 year journey that it took to make the album:

“Their blaring walls of sound are a lot to take in, but beautifully tangible enough to be worth seizing for yourself.”

Permanent Rain Press Album Review

Don’t forget to come see us Saturday July 23rd at Swangaard Stadium for the 2nd annual Tacofest!

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