Some summer summaries and summarizations.

A huge thanks to Apocalypse Sunrise Productions & Black River Productions for inviting us out to play the 2nd annual Taco Fest and 333 respectively.  We had a stellar time playing and meeting some new folks.  We just confirmed our first live performance of the fall and we’ll be announcing it officially this week coming up.  Needless to say the bands we will be opening up for frequently get playtime in my headphones.   Here’s a photo from Taco Fest taken by Bob Hanham


Our 2nd record “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Slums” has been released for a month and a half now.  I’d like to thank everyone and anyone who has checked it out online or bought a physical copy.  The reception for our first record exceeded my and everyone else’s expectations but the response to the new record has been even greater.  I’ve read a couple times online that some people are considering it among the best local releases of 2016.  Thank you thank you thank.  A huge thank you again to Danny Katz  of Dullest Records for his confidence in us and for releasing the compact disc version of the album.  Take a moment to check out their releases as they have a ton of high quality offerings:


Hear every Dullest Records release here:

Here’s a nice review of the new record by New Noise magazine.  Thanks to Lane Oliver for the kind words.

“Fans of the band’s early works will not see this auditory 180 coming and will be even more surprised by how well the band pulls it off.”

“The track, and the entire record for that matter, sounds like a marriage between Young Mountain-era This Will Destroy You and Downward is Heavenward-era Hum.”


It was cool to have our record featured in the Georgia Straight for the issue that featured the Tragically Hip on the cover.  A big thank you to John Lucas for writing this piece.  This feature was particular meaningful considering the number of Tragically Hip references included in the album.  Fun fact:  our song “Dope Simple” was once titled “Angst on the Planks” which effectively would’ve made it the third Tragically Hip reference on the record.


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