Our new live album “Live at the Smilin’ Buddha Cabaret” is out now.


We’ve been quite busy prepping for our show next Saturday at the Rickshaw Theatre opening for French legends Alcest (along with US art metallers The Body, and Deafheaven side offering Creepers)

I’d like to say thanks to our comrades at Dullest Records for their agreeing to release our new live album “Live at the Smilin Buddha Cabaret.”  You can check it out below.  We are proud to be able to put out a live recording which didn’t have to be cut, pasted, altered, auto tuned, or edited before it’s release.

Once our show Saturday February 4th with Alcest, The Body, and Creepers is over we’ll be posting our spring shows that we have booked thus far.  We’ve got a few planned and are pumped to be playing some new music potentially for our fans.  Here is a picture of a new song we recorded at practice last Friday:


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