A nice review from Heathen Harvest

Hi folks,

Max and I are still alive and kicking.  I’ve been working on our 3rd record daily and it’s shaping up nicely.  I keep saying its a mix of the progressive approach on Habitat 67 and the more shoegaze post-rock material on Constants & Axioms and Set the Controls for the Heart of the Slums.  I’m not joking either when I say there are some big ol’ denim vest motorcycle riffs in the mix as well.  I’ve always had a huge soft spot for big dumb riffs like “The Bomber” by The James Gang or “North Dakota” or “Violent Dreams” by Thrush Hermit.  If I’m able to get my act together and put the work in, there should be a noted increase in vocals on album 3 as well.  Cross your fingers.

In the meantime here is a nice review from a while ago that somehow just got published a week or so ago.  The reviewer has inadvertently laid a challenge down to us, as they feel we have yet to best our live sound on record.  I agree and consider this inadvertent challenge accepted!  – Cotton

“It strikes that balance between sophistication and accessible simplicity. In a word, they are wholly uplifting to listen to.”

Heathen Harvest Set the Controls Review

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