Hi team,

We have been jamming with drummer Alexander James Glassford who is a local session veteran and jazz school, graduate.  He brings a level of sophistication and skill to the band that we aren’t accustomed to.  We are definitely collectively buzzing from the music we are creating.  Speaking of, album 3 is nearly finished being written.  The working song titles are as follows:

  1. Immaterial
  2. Extraordinary Popular Delusions
  3. War Memorial Award Tour
  4. Panned Flashes
  5. Sunshine

We can’t wait for you to hear what we’ve been working on.  – Dave




A nice review from Heathen Harvest

Hi folks,

Max and I are still alive and kicking.  I’ve been working on our 3rd record daily and it’s shaping up nicely.  I keep saying its a mix of the progressive approach on Habitat 67 and the more shoegaze post-rock material on Constants & Axioms and Set the Controls for the Heart of the Slums.  I’m not joking either when I say there are some big ol’ denim vest motorcycle riffs in the mix as well.  I’ve always had a huge soft spot for big dumb riffs like “The Bomber” by The James Gang or “North Dakota” or “Violent Dreams” by Thrush Hermit.  If I’m able to get my act together and put the work in, there should be a noted increase in vocals on album 3 as well.  Cross your fingers.

In the meantime here is a nice review from a while ago that somehow just got published a week or so ago.  The reviewer has inadvertently laid a challenge down to us, as they feel we have yet to best our live sound on record.  I agree and consider this inadvertent challenge accepted!  – Cotton

“It strikes that balance between sophistication and accessible simplicity. In a word, they are wholly uplifting to listen to.”

Heathen Harvest Set the Controls Review


It is with regret that I have to announce that our guitarist Riley McGuire and drummer Drew Christie have chosen to leave Seven Nines & Tens.  They both play in mathy/emo band Guilt Trap, so if you’re into that style – you’ll love em.  We played too many amazing shows with them to count.  Alcest, Spotlights, Astronoid, Bosse De Nage, Minus the Bear, Sumac, Baptists, North, So Hideous, Solstafir, and Ancient VVisdom are just a sample of the acts we shared the stage with during their tenure in the band.

Max and I (Dave) are presently searching for a new drummer.  Right now I’m browsing new Seven Nines & Tens music on my laptop and it’s safe to say writing for Album 3 has been well underway for over a year now.  Those of you who saw us play over the last few months may recall a new song we’ve been playing.  It’s working title is “Immaterial.”  Now that the dust has settled a bit with the two guys leaving (it happened about a month ago)  I go back and listen to the countless demos and chop sessions we worked on for this new song and I feel pride for the steps we made to hone in on what our vision of a great song.  I can’t wait to record it properly and share it with you all.  I think it features the prog rock leanings of our first couple of releases with further explorations of heavy, wall of sound post rock.

Thanks for following us for all these years, it’s a typical platitude, but we really are just getting started.  Much Love, Dave / Seven Nines & Tens


Shows shows shows

Our show with Alcest was amazing.  Their frontman Neige actually stopped and watched us soundcheck with our song I Come From Downtown.  He only watched for about 30 seconds but if you consider that man has written some of the best guitar rock known to mankind, it was pretty sweet.

Here is a pic of myself with Neige from Alcest


We debuted a new song at the Alcest show as well.  It doesn’t have a name yet but it’s been fun to dive headfirst into the songwriting/creation process again.  We worked on fine tuning it quite a bit and I subjectively feel it’s a step in our personal sonic evolution.

We have a few shows that have to be confirmed yet but for now please join us at the following:

Rishloo / This Patch of Sky / Guilt Trap / Seven Nines & Tens

Thursday February 23rd @ the Astoria

Facebook Event Page

Miens / The Waning Light / Seven Nines & Tens

Saturday April 15th @ 333

Conan / North / Mendozza / Seven Nines & Tens / HERON

Saturday May 13th @ the Astoria

Facebook Event Page


Thanks to Timothy Nguyen Photography for these pics of us at the Rickshaw Theatre during our set supporting Alcest.



Our new live album “Live at the Smilin’ Buddha Cabaret” is out now.


We’ve been quite busy prepping for our show next Saturday at the Rickshaw Theatre opening for French legends Alcest (along with US art metallers The Body, and Deafheaven side offering Creepers)

I’d like to say thanks to our comrades at Dullest Records for their agreeing to release our new live album “Live at the Smilin Buddha Cabaret.”  You can check it out below.  We are proud to be able to put out a live recording which didn’t have to be cut, pasted, altered, auto tuned, or edited before it’s release.

Once our show Saturday February 4th with Alcest, The Body, and Creepers is over we’ll be posting our spring shows that we have booked thus far.  We’ve got a few planned and are pumped to be playing some new music potentially for our fans.  Here is a picture of a new song we recorded at practice last Friday: