New single

The 2nd single from our new record has finally arrived:

The new single Metropolis Noir / Rigs HERE

Album Cover

The long awaited 2nd album “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Slums” available June 19th on compact disc via our friends at dullest records.

For those of you pining to see us perform live again, you can catch us at the following engagements:

June 19th @ The Rickshaw Theatre w/Russian Circles/Sumac/Waingro/Aquanaut Levitation Festival Launch Party

Facebook Event Page for Levitation Launch Party

July 23rd @ Swangaard Stadium, Taco Fest w/Low Levels, Mess, Girlfriends & Boyfriends and tons more

July 29th @ 333 w/HERON, HEDKS, Nightterrors, Sand Witch.


Summer 2016 shows, album cover…

We have much to discuss here.  We were lucky enough to get added to the Levitation fest opening night show @ the Rickshaw with Sumac and Russian Circles.  The show is Thursday June 16th.


Facebook event for Levitation Launch Party w/Russian Circles/Sumac/Seven Nines & Tens

Also, we are happy to announce we have signed to American label Dullest Records.  They have been around for 5 years and have put out records by artists we love including Hush., Walk Through Fire, and Rorcal.  We will have the release date for the record ASAP but in the meantime check out the album cover for “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Slums” by Nic Brown.

Album Cover

Check out our new label DULLEST RECORDS here:

We can’t forget two other shows we are playing this summer:  TACOFEST and Bosse De Nage!



Finally, the 2nd single from our new album is debuting on Friday May 13 to coincide with the Bosse De Nage show.  The track is called “Metropolis Noir/Rigs”

House show @ The Matador

We’ll be warming up for our May 13th show at Funky’s with Bosse De Nage & So Hideous with a performance Saturday April 23rd at The Matador house in Vancouver.  This show will mark the debut of our new bassist Riley McGuire.  We’ll be playing a brand new song as well.


Facebook Event Page Link

In other news our new record is mastered!  We are in the process of sorting out release details and will have those asap.  In the meantime the 2nd single from the record is called “Metropolis Noir / Rigs” and is in our humble opinion a total beast of a jam (it’s nearly 14 mintues long).  We will have the release details for that soon soon soon….

Festivals and Samplers

Vancouver label Big Smoke will be releasing our forthcoming record “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Slums” on cassette.  Speaking of, they just released a spring sampler which represents their entire roster as well as our recent single “I Come From Downtown.”


You can listen to us and other rad bands like Altona, Spruce Trap, and Yes Bear here:

Big Smoke Spring Sampler 2016′

In other news, I know I’ve said it a lot but our 2nd record is so close to being done.  We are mixing the last of the 4 songs and will have it done before you know it.  We will be releasing info regarding the 2nd single and the labels that will releasing it as soon as it’s all finalized.

Finally, the rad folks over at Apocalypse Sunrise have added us to the 2nd annual Taco Fest line up.  The fest is being held at picturesque Swangaard stadium this year in Burnaby and we are looking forward to playing some new music for the crowd.

Taco Fest Facebook Event Page


2016 7910’5

We are finishing the mix for album #2 this week.  From there it’s mastering time and then our beautiful cacophony will make it’s way to your ears.  Our producer Steve Hanker has done a hell of a job sonically assembling our (literally) huge tracks.  Our homie Adam Vee will be mastering the record.  It won’t be long now, thanks for being the most patient fans in all of rock & roll.

Seven Nines & Tens receive a nomination for the inaugural Whammy awards.

The rad folks over at Apocalypse Sunrise productions have taken a giant step toward community solidarity by putting on an awards show Friday February 12th at the Wise hall.  If you consider that 5% of the music listening population in Vancouver knows the music of Seven Nines & Tens, we are just as surprised as you are that we made it to the top four for best “Avant Garde” band.  Please vote for us so we can scold the audience for not knowing who we are when we win.   Also, our guitarist Ross Albrecht made it to the top 4 for “Best Guitarist”,  so please vote for him.  If you consider that I scouted that kid for over a year before I asked him to join the band because he really is “that good” then that nomination makes sense and we hope he wins.


Voting For Whammys



November 2015

Our show last night at Funky Winkerbeans with Bog, Cassette Merchant, and Child Abuse was as enjoyable as a performance can get.  All 3 bands sounded great and that may have been the most defiantly anti commercial sounding show I’ve ever been a part of.  We are playing two shows in November, we’ll be announcing the 2nd one soon but in the meantime check it:


Kylesa w/ Black Wizard & Seven Nines & Tens

Monday November 23rd

The Biltmore

Facebook Event